3 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Front Walkway


All too often, residential walkways and entries are an afterthought when it comes to thoughtful landscape design. Plain concrete steps, a cramped entry, and lackadaisical landscape elements, like a sad bush or two, tend to be the norm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re upgrading your landscaping, don’t forget the front entry! Homes with showstopping curb appeal lean into function and beauty, and that’s something you can replicate. Here, the landscape experts at Harris Landscape Construction are sharing three tips for creating a welcoming front walkway.

Start with a Plan

The best landscapes are seamless and intentional, which means they began with a plan. Taking time to think through what you’re working with and what you ultimately want lets you work through all the details that can really make or break the finished aesthetic. Depending on the scope of your project, you may benefit from the insight and expertise of a professional. A landscape designer in particular can be a great resource. If your project includes hardscape elements, and you plan to replace existing walkways, driveways or entry steps and install new plants, it’s worth consulting an expert.

Go Big!

Walkways and entry spaces that lack space will be a constant thorn in your side. Scale these hardscape details appropriately to make a big first impression and add function. More space means more room for guests, packages, and functional decor items like a bench, set of rocking chairs, potted plants, even a porch swing. Those are the kinds of details that add to the aesthetic value, too.

Be Creative

There are so many wonderful options for inviting walkways and entries, so cast the net wide. From material choices to accent elements to color, shape and texture, there are so many ways to use landscaping to draw the eye to your entry and create a welcoming space. Boosting curb appeal is something you’ll appreciate every time you come home, and it’s always a benefit for resale value.

Ready to get started? If you have a vision that you want to execute, we’d love to help! Contact Harris Landscape Construction today, and let’s turn your walkway and entry into something special.


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