The Best Way to Find the Right Landscaper in Reno-Sparks


If you’re taking this time of year to research landscapers for a spring 2024 project, you’re thinking right! But as you begin exploring all the landscaping companies in the Reno-Sparks area, you’ll likely be surprised at the range of options. At some point, you may begin to wonder whether your project needs a landscape designer, a landscape architect, a landscape construction company, or just a plain old landscaper. The best way to find the right landscaper in Reno-Sparks is to be very clear about the specifics of your project—even if your ideas aren’t fully formed just yet. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Clarifying Landscape Specialties

You might assume that landscapers provide similar services, but there are nuances and more importantly, license requirements, that indicate a specific company is properly trained and equipped for a given project. The scope of your specific landscape project dictates the most qualified landscaping company for your project:

  • Landscapers. This type of landscaping professional installs new trees, plants, and shrubberies. They can also replace or modify existing plants and materials, install sod, or put in new garden beds. In many instances, general landscaping companies offer maintenance services as well, meaning they’ll come and mow your lawn in the summer months and do seasonal prep in the spring and fall months.
  • Landscape designers. Landscape designers are trained and qualified in the kind of design you need for large-scale redesigns or new builds. This type of certified expert will create a design blueprint for your new landscape that takes into account factors like balance, proportion, texture, colors, and unity.
  • Landscape architects. Landscape architects are similar to landscape designers, but have met additional educational requirements, trainings, and licensing procedures. This type of expert possesses greater technical knowledge and experience with both structural and plant design.
  • Landscape construction companies. If your project involves new hardscape features such as patios and walkways, pergolas, water features, fire pits, or an outdoor kitchen, you want a landscape construction company for the job. This type of landscaper will have all the necessary licenses, bid limits, and experience to get the work done properly. Don’t assume that all landscaping companies are landscape construction companies.

All the Experts You Need, All in One Place

Here at Harris Landscape Construction, we’re an insured and licensed landscape construction company with both an experienced landscape designer and landscape architect on staff. That makes us a design-build landscaping company with the experience, expertise, and staff necessary to create the landscape of your dreams. Take advantage of our free estimates now, and let’s start planning your spring 2024 landscaping project.


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