Is Autumn a Good Time for Landscaping Projects in Reno and Sparks?


This weekend, the season officially turns to fall. The leaves are slowly starting to turn and temperatures are dipping at night, but we’re still enjoying warm, sunny days. If you’re looking out at your outdoor space and wishing you had checked that new pergola, patio or other landscaping project off your list, you may be wondering if you still have time. Is autumn a good time for landscaping projects in Reno and Sparks? It certainly is, but only if you’re already on the schedule. Here’s why.

Landscaping Projects in Autumn

Spring is the busiest time of year for landscaping companies, which makes sense. This is typically when work can begin after inclement weather and freezing temperatures over the winter. But autumn is a close second, especially here in northern Nevada. The schedules of landscaping companies with great reputations tend to fill quickly, which means it’s important to plan ahead. For Harris Landscape and many other reputable landscape contractors, the end of summer and early fall are busy times as we work to wrap up projects before the cold weather hits. If you’re hoping to begin and complete a new project in your outdoor space before winter, you’ve probably missed the window for this year, though that really does depend on the project and the weather. 

Plan Ahead

It takes time to find a reliable company. This is a great time to consider your needs, research your options, gather referrals, and create a list of companies you’d like to consider for your project. Then, we recommend scheduling consultations, asking questions, and getting estimates for your project, which can be started in the spring. Getting on the schedule of a great landscaper now for work in 2024 means you won’t find yourself scrambling next year.

We understand that it can be disappointing to learn that while autumn is a great time for landscaping, you’re likely too late if you aren’t already on a contractor’s schedule. In Reno and Sparks, HLC is happy to answer questions about your project and your hopeful timeline. Contact our team today for a free estimate.


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