Fall Lawn Maintenance Tips in Reno


While Harris Landscape Construction doesn’t fall into the traditional landscaping company definition of yard maintenance and spring clean-up services, we do know our way around a lawn. As we continue to enjoy this slow turn to autumn, we’re sharing lawn maintenance tips for homes here in Reno and Sparks. Remember, everything you do to care for your lawn in the fall will affect how well it comes back in the spring!

Fall Lawn Care Tips

  • Continue watering until the ground freezes. This helps sustain growth.
  • Move to the right height. Ideally, you should keep your grass between two and three inches. Any shorter than that and it isn’t long enough to make and store food for the winter. Any longer, and it may start matting, which creates opportunity for disease.
  • Keep falling leaves off the lawn. Grass needs sunlight, and piles of autumn leaves can lead to mold over the winter. Make sure you’re raking regularly.
  • Fertilize and aerate. September and October are great times to use a winterizing fertilizer for a strong, healthy lawn in the spring. Aerating in the fall gives your lawn a bit of breathing room and ensures water and nutrients will make their way to the roots faster.

It’s also time to start thinking about irrigation shut-off. While this generally happens in late October, if it’s a service you prefer to outsource to professionals, don’t wait! Call Harris Landscape Construction today to get on our schedule now.


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