There’s Still Time to Schedule Commercial Snow Removal Services in Reno-Sparks


We got our first snow of the season in the mountains this week, and the forecast is predicting a dusting on the valley floor this weekend. It’s a sign that winter’s on its way! If your commercial property will need snow removal services this year, don’t wait—the worst time to call is the morning it snows. Plan ahead now and schedule professional snow removal service with Harris Landscape Construction. There’s still time!

Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Services in Reno & Sparks

HLC offers professional snow clearing services in Reno and Sparks. It’s something we’ve offered for decades. Come winter, our team plays close attention to current weather data to service properties according to contractual specifications. That means you always know what to expect. Our professional equipment is regularly serviced to ensure our team can efficiently clear snow and ice from your commercial property.

Benefits of Scheduling Professional Snow Removal?

If you’re asking yourself whether it’s really worth hiring a company to shovel snow on your commercial property is really worth the money, it’s a fair question. Let’s outline the benefits of professional snow removal:

  • Professional snow removal services protect your business. Snow and ice can make navigating parking lots and pathways downright treacherous. When you own the property, you can be held liable for unsafe conditions. Minimize the risk of people slipping and falling on your property by clearing snow and ice. You can also reduce the likelihood of car accidents by clearing roadways on your property.
  • Professional snow removal services improve access. Even minor snowstorms can make it really difficult to access your property, especially in the earlier part of the day. Professional snow removal services from HLC clear snow and ice so your property is easily accessible for business as usual.
  • Professional snow removal services improve efficiency. Spare the unlucky team member (or yourself!) from the hard work of clearing snow with a single shovel. Our crew has the right equipment for fast, professional snow removal.

The key is getting on our schedule now. We have limited spots for snow removal services and they fill quickly! Ensure that your property will be taken care of during snowstorms this coming winter—contact HLC now. It’s still a good time to walk your property and make a plan for snow removal services that meet your needs and your budget. 


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