Can Landscaping Projects Be Completed Over the Winter?


With autumn officially here and winter just ahead, you may assume that the landscaping project you were hoping to complete this year just isn’t going to happen. After all, landscaping projects can’t be completed over the winter! Or can they? It really depends on the type of project you’re considering, the contractor’s schedule, and the weather. But you might be surprised by what can be done in your outdoor space during the colder months of the year.

Winter Landscaping Projects

Generally speaking, there’s a lot that can be done in November, December, January and February. Let’s run through the options.

  • Winter planting. Planting trees and shrubs when they’re dormant is actually less stressful and tends to yield a lower mortality rate.
  • Winter hardscape projects. Providing the ground isn’t frozen, hardscape projects like retaining walls, patios, outdoor living spaces, benches, etc., are all feasible this time of year. These kinds of landscape anchor pieces may be able to be installed now, so so that finishing touches like ground covers and plantings can be added come spring.
  • Winter lighting projects. Lighting can often be added to existing or new landscapes this time of year. Running new wiring is actually easier, because newly pruned trees and shrubs and no leaves mean fewer obstacles to work around.
  • Winter drain installation. Proper drainage is really important for a landscape that performs properly. French drains are recessed into the ground to reduce flooding or standing water, and winter is a great time for installation. Most water issues in the landscape become evident in the winter and spring, when there’s more water than usual in your outdoor space.

It’s important to understand that winter landscaping projects are subject to the weather, and we all know that meteorology isn’t an exact science! Production isn’t as streamlined during the winter, but depending on Mother Nature and your contractor’s schedule, it can be a great time to get things done.

Talking to a contractor like Harris Landscape Construction now gets the ball rolling. If your project isn’t feasible over the winter, or the weather just won’t cooperate, you’ll be on the schedule for work in spring so you can enjoy your new outdoor space when summer rolls around.

In Reno and Sparks, Harris Landscape Construction is happy to answer all of your questions about our services and your project. Contact us today to get started!


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