Why Residential Landscaping Always Benefits from Hardscaping


For decades, an enormous green lawn was the epitome of high-end landscaping. In some areas, that idea persists to this day. But there are so many elements that make residential landscape truly beautiful, and especially here in northern Nevada, the lawn really plays only a small part. Stone and concrete features add character, interest, and dimension to your outdoor spaces, which is why residential landscaping always benefits from hardscaping.

Hardscaping Elements Add Character & Beauty

When your landscaping incorporates a variety of materials, you add visual appeal. Sure, that big green lawn is nice enough. But frame it with a beautiful stone walkway and planters full of lush plants, and that plain lawn becomes part of a thoughtful and appealing presentation. Natural stone comes in myriad options to match your home’s architecture, all while adding undeniable beauty. Plus, stone brings an element of drama to any landscape. This is the material that creates visually impactful features—think rock walls and fire pits, or waterfalls, dry creek beds, and ponds. These are the features that take ordinary outdoor spaces to something special, adding curb appeal and even adding to your home’s value.

Hardscaping Elements Add Stability & Durability

Hard materials like stone and concrete add structure and stability to your landscape, not to mention better traction in wet conditions. Concrete and stone also offer support to other materials in your landscape, like gravel, cedar mulch, even your lawn, also benefit from the support of hardscaping and reduce the likelihood of shifting or becoming uneven over time.

Hardscape Elements Reduce Maintenance

Even the most low-maintenance landscaping requires some level care. And if you’ve ever missed a week of mowing, you know how quickly that lawn can grow! By converting some of that green space into a hardscape feature, like a beautiful stone walkway or a relaxing patio, you can cut way down on maintenance. Unlike lawns, stone patios and walkway require little to no maintenance after installation. Think of all the time you’ll save!

Hardscape Elements Can be Really Eco-Friendly

Water conservation is always a concern here in northern Nevada. Adding hardscape elements to your landscaping reduces your watering needs. Plus, once they’ve been installed, these materials will last for decades, which minimizes waste. Proper installation of these features also helps reduce drainage problems.

The Takeaway

Investing in your outdoor spaces with stone and concrete not only increases aesthetic and function, it’s an eco-friendly option that also reduces maintenance requirements. If you’re considering the benefits of incorporating hardscape features into your northern Nevada landscape, the experts at Harris Landscape Construction are here to help. This is a great time of year to start planning for 2024 landscaping projects, so contact HLC today and let’s discuss your options.


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