Key Considerations For A Backyard Fire Feature


It may feel a little early in the year to think about landscaping projects, but it’s really never too early to start planning. If 2024 is the year you finally make that backyard fire feature a reality, you’re in good company. Here at Harris Landscape Construction, we’ve installed countless fire features for residential clients in northern Nevada, and it’s one of those additions that really adds something special to an outdoor space. As you start researching, here are key considerations for your backyard fire feature.

Location, Location, Location

The real estate adage holds true when it comes to fire feature placement as well. But don’t limit yourself to location alone. Space considerations are equally important and will help steer you toward the fire feature that will be most appropriate for your backyard. Starting with square footage is helpful. Plan for five to seven around the footprint of the fire feature itself, which ensures ample room for seating.

If you’re considering a covered fire feature, you’ll also need to factor for the height of the structure and the chimney, as well as fuel type.


What’s motivating your desire for a fire feature? Being clear about its purpose, whether it’s the crowning centerpiece of your outdoor space, a gathering spot for ambience, or a destination in your backyard. Fire features can be multipurpose and there are endless accessories that be incorporated, so identify the primary purpose and start planning from there.

Portability vs Permanence

There are a number of stylish and high-end freestanding fire features available today. If you prefer the permanence of an installed fire feature, be prepared for more planning and preparation. On the other hand, a permanent structure can bring you years of enjoyment. Again, this is an opportunity to be really specific about what you’re trying to achieve. That can help steer you toward one kind of fire feature over another.


When it comes to building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, there are a lot of choices to be made, from size and shape to design and material. The best fire feature will complement your existing landscape, but it can feel overwhelming to make the decision on your own. This is where a landscape designer, like those here at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno, can offer insight and recommendations for a fire feature that will work beautifully in your outdoor space.

The Bottom Line

Making plans now for the addition of a fire feature to your residential landscaping gives you plenty of time to figure out the details. And the pros at Harris Landscape Construction in Reno are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s work on a design to turn your dream of an outdoor fire feature into reality.

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