Why The Best Upgrade To A Patio Is A Retaining Wall


A thoughtful patio space is a versatile area for relaxing, entertaining, dining and gathering. But if your existing pavers (or that old concrete slab) don’t offer the style and function you need, it might be time to consider something new. Here’s why the best upgrade to a patio is a retaining wall.

Paver Patio Function

Done well, a patio should define and elevate your entire outdoor space. This is a part of your landscaping that serves as a key transition area, connecting your home to your walkways and beyond. For cohesion, pavers should be chosen in a color, style and pattern that complement your home’s architecture. Fortunately, there are many, many options for paving stones, which means there’s a perfect paver out there for your outdoor space, no matter how big or small it may be. Specific patterns go a long way in creating an intentional style as well, from traditional (think basketweave and herringbone) to modern and minimalist. Color plays an important role, too. Contrasting colors can create a dramatic effect, while a complementary paver to your home’s color scheme helps ensure a seamless transition.

A Retaining Wall Upgrade

Retaining walls are a functional way to add privacy and style, and these features can serve as the foundation for other elements as well. Depending on your privacy needs, wall height can vary, with shorter walls doubling as extra seating space, especially around a fire feature, and creating planter space as well. Taller walls work beautifully with additions like fountains and water spouts for visual interest and the benefit of sound therapy.

Placement can help achieve specific goals in your outdoor space as well. When the goal is privacy, the retaining wall should serve as a physical blockade. To create a sense of intimacy and definition, a retaining wall that runs the patio perimeter is best. The key to combining retaining walls and patios is to opt for wall stones in colors that complement the paving stones for a harmonious effect that combines the separate elements into one. Pro tip: Incorporating outdoor lighting to illuminate your patio space and retaining wall makes this an area you can enjoy even after the sun sets!

Next Steps

In Reno and Sparks, the experts at Harris Landscape Construction are happy to answer questions about pavers, patios, retaining walls and anything else relating to landscaping. If a new patio and retaining wall sound like the perfect upgrade to your outdoor space, contact our team today to discuss next steps.


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