My Nevada Landscape Contractor Asked For A 33% Deposit—Is That Normal?


A quick search online yields a lot of questions just like this one. And in some cases, the deposit request is even higher—people are asking whether a 50% deposit is an industry standard for landscape contractors. Here in the Silver State, the Nevada State Contractor’s Board (NSCB) is crystal clear about how much a landscape contractor can legally request and receive, and it’s important information for any homeowner to know.

Deposit Amounts According To The NSCB

In September 2023, a new statute under NRS 624 provided enhanced contract requirements and consumer protections for residential contractors, including landscape contractors, performing improvement work on single-family residences. In addition to specific information that must be included on all contracts, it calls out the amount of money a contractor can accept upfront (i.e., a deposit):

“The amount of money a contractor can take up front can’t exceed $1,000 or 10% of the aggregate contract price, whichever is less of any initial down payment or deposit before the start of work.”

This is news to many, many people here in northern Nevada. We routinely hear stories from customers who have hired landscape and other contractors in the past and been advised that a 50% deposit is expected before work begins. Knowing your rights can put you in the best position to find a landscaping company that’s worthy of your trust.

The Takeaway

We’ll keep this post short and sweet—no contractor should be asking for a deposit above $1,000 or 10% of the aggregate contract price  (whichever is less) before beginning your project. If you’re looking for a landscape contractor comfortable with openly disclosing this information, well, you just found one. We’re happy to answer all of your questions about our services and experience. Contact the team here at Harris Landscape Construction today.

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