Great landscapes begin with a great design

The difference between great landscapes and everything else is a plan. Here at Harris Landscape Construction, we offer landscape architecture–a scope of expertise rooted in technical knowledge, structure design, and plant design. It means every project benefits from our team’s deep understanding of the appropriate outdoor application of design concepts such as balance, proportion, texture, perspective, color and unity. The end result is an elevated outdoor space that doesn’t just look amazing, it feels amazing too.

Our landscape architect can effectively plan landscapes that account for:

  • Elevation changes and steep slopes
  • Appropriate irrigation and drainage
  • The addition of outdoor structures like patio covers, fire and water features, outdoor kitchens and more
  • Existing or new driveways, walkways, service lines or entries

Any project that involves adding or re-arranging hardscape elements will benefit from the technical expertise of a landscape architect.

Landscaping on sloped land can pose challenges that require experienced solutions, careful planning and appropriate landscape design techniques, and that’s exactly what HLC brings to every project.

Proper drainage ensures that water from weather or existing irrigation systems goes where it’s needed to minimize risks of flooding that can damage your landscaping. Our team will expertly account for drainage and irrigation considerations to ensure your project is done right from start to finish.

Landscaping projects that involve large-scale outdoor structures, like patio covers, fire and water features, kitchens and pools, benefit from years of experience and training. The HLC team brings decades of combined experience, specialized training, and scopes of expertise that complement one another for truly elevated landscaping.

Well-planned walkways, driveways, and points of entries can boost curb appeal, improve safety, and add function. Let the HLC team create a plan that will accomplish all three.

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