Happy, healthy yards start with expert plant installation & irrigation systems

At Harris Landscape Construction, we have the experience to know which trees and plants thrive in our high desert climate. We can make recommendations for year-round foliage that will keep your outdoor spaces looking beautiful, no matter what the season, and we'll also manage the expert installation to make sure your new trees and plants are handled appropriately.

Our irrigation system installation and repairs will also get your sprinkler and drip systems in perfect working order. The health and long-term quality of your garden and lawn is directly affected by the quality of your irrigation system, and Harris Landscape Construction can recommend, install and maintain durable, reliable systems.

Choosing the right plants for our high-desert climate ensures that your garden and landscaping will remain healthy and vibrant. Let HLC recommend plants and shrubs that thrive here in northern Nevada.

Choosing the right plants and trees is one thing, and properly installing them is another. At Harris Landscape Construction, we'll make sure your new vegetation is carefully and expertly installed to ensure its long-term health.

Living in the high desert climate of northern Nevada means we each have a duty to manage water responsibly. Let HLC install or repair your irrigation system to ensure proper function and water usage.

From installation to repairs and maintenance, HLC can help you with all of your irrigation system needs.


The right foliage can turn an outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. The experts at Harris Landscape Construction can recommend drought-tolerant plants and trees that will perform beautifully year after year. Dreaming of a lush green lawn? HLC can design a green space that will be perfect for the whole family.


A lush green lawn is a staple for many homeowners, but the right irrigation system is critical no matter what your landscaping preference. Harris Landscape Construction can install a durable, reliable irrigation system to ensure the long-term health of all of your plants and sod. And if your existing irrigation system needs a little work, we can do that too.

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